To ostensibly engrain in our members and sundry clients, the thought-process of how to achieve their cherished key amenities of value and equally expose them to an easily-accessible and sustainable financial base for the acquisition and maintenance of the said amenities. We remain primarily inspired to enhance the upliftment of the socio-economic conditions of Nigerians and people of other Nations at large.


To facilitate the creation of a largely middle-class community of Nigerians, who are opportune to acquire their desired basic amenities or facilities of life with relative ease, and in the process, invariably contribute to the emergence, growth, and sustenance of an economically viable and stable Nigerian Nation.


We intend to be a leading co-operative organization in Africa, poised to primarily expose millions of Nigerians (nay Africans), to the opportunity of making them acquire with relative ease, some of their choice facilities or amenities, like plots of land, houses, vehicles, domestic and business appliances or types of equipment, viable business concerns, educational/ vocational training facilities, etc.

Our interest in the area of encouraging the emergence of privately-driven and viable business concerns, would put our organization in the fore-front of training both theoretically and practically, millions of Nigerians to own their personal businesses (particularly, small and medium business outfits), and to strengthen the said businesses by

exposing their owners to a matrix of available and easily-accessible financial opportunities aimed at boosting the said businesses. It is hoped that in the ensuing process, a horde of Nigerians and other interested Nationals, (both individuals and business owners alike), would have become so financially educated and equipped, as to acquire on appreciable level of financial independence and freedom. It is envisaged that this emergent set of financially educated/equipped Nigerians, shall in turn, teach and impart on fellow Nigerians & others, in their individual and corporate lives, values and virtues of healthy financial management.


1. Brief Overview of Formation/structure:

Biz-Wallet Co-Operative Ltd is a limited liability organization or company with a mainstay in co-operative operations. It is duly registered under the relevant provisions of the Nigerian Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) in the year..…….. The co-operative organization has a Board of Directors headed by a chairman (also referred to as the “President), and also has a Managing Director (M.D.), as well as a Secretary of the Board, who doubles as the organization’s secretary. There are a host of other staffers of our organization, including principal officers, Administrative and field officers, and other support workers.

Apart from being registered under the said CAMA, our organization is duly registered with the Rivers State Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Port Harcourt, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN), and a few other commercial/business oriented Agencies in and outside Nigeria.

We have numerous persons who are duly registered with our co-operative as members with identified interests in various programmes and schemes of the co-operative.

Presently, our operational office is located at 1st floor, 87 Creek Road Port Harcourt, as well as a Liaison Centre located at the NBA Building, Bank Road, Opposite Port Harcourt City Council, Port-Harcourt.

2. Brief Harp on some Aspects of Programmes/Schemes Available in the co-operative.

i) Introduction:

Essentially, Biz-Wallet Co-operative seeks the advancement of its members’ welfare and overall well-being. The organization accomplishes this noble goal by financially assisting on agreed terms, its members and even non-members who are desirous of owning certain valued facilities of life, for e.g., the purchased/lease of real estate properties like lands, houses, as well as vehicles (including cars and trucks, marine transport vehicles and types of equipment). Our programmes also extend to assisting our members and other interested persons under a convenient & relatively stress-free setting, to set up their new private/group businesses, and expand/enhance the optimal performance of existing ones. Again, we also facilitate the most cost-saving, and convenient educational/vocational training of willing members, children/wards of members, and other interested persons through different strata of available educational/vocational training. See again on this point, the first paragraph of our aims and objectives.

ii) Such members of the co-operative and members of the public who intend to benefit from the various programmes and schemes of the co-operative, are expected as (part of the Agreed terms), to make their respective varied outright payment, or to make weekly or monthly periodic financial contributions as they freely opt for, regarding the purpose of so benefiting from their desired object of personal acquisition through the co-operative.

iii) Under the co-operative’s BIFEB & ESPOL programmes, a member of the co-operative, or a non-member, desiring to set up his new business venture or to expand same, shall be greatly encouraged and facilitated by the co-operative, if he/she is duly registered under the said co-operative’s BIFEB or ESPOL schemes, (which elsewhere in the explanation of our operational activities), had been duly highlighted.

iv) Under the co-operative’s MESI programme, the co-operative (under Agreed terms), supports the educational and vocational training of its registered members, or that of their children/wards, by wholly paying the school fees concerning the said training or paying one part of same.

v) Members Contribution & Benefits (MCB) Scheme, ensures that members of the co-operative are at liberty to contribute periodically, e.g. weekly or monthly (according to their choice and capacity), whatever amount of money they can afford. At the end of the year (preferably construed to be within

11 calendar months), the concerned members shall individually receive whatever amount of money each has so far contributed (i.e. the capital sum, and an interest on the member’s contributed capital sum, assessed at 13% (percent) of the said capital sum).

vi) There is also the Best Eleven Members Contribution (BEMC) scheme. This programme is mainly designed for salary earners. Here, a member of the co-operative, will be joined into a group of eleven members of the said co-operative that will be contributing same amount of money amongst themselves (weekly or monthly as they so desire). At the end of every month, the first person in that group receives the total sum contributed by all the eleven members of the group. Such a recipient of the jointly contributed sum, pays only 5% (percent) of the received total sum to the co-operative.

Thereafter, the following month, the next person in line (amongst the said eleven members), receives the next contributed sum from the eleven members as soon as salaries were paid, and again, pays his/her own 5% to the co-operative. By mutual consent/agreement, the eleventh person in the line of the expected recipients of the said contributed sum, could be allowed to take the turn of the 2nd or 3rd person in the said line, or the 7th person could be asked to take the turn of the 3rd person, etc.

Other programmes, plans and schemes of Biz-Wallet Co-Operative have been highlighted elsewhere, in the succinct explanation of the activities of the said co-operative.

Wishing everyone present here and those outside this forum but hooked up with the platform of the co-operative, the unique experience of enjoying the robust opportunities offered by our dear co-operative organization.

Thank you all and God bless you richly in all your endeavors.

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